DIPPlus: Download and Installation

To install DIPPlus on your mobile device, download and run the DIPPlus Installer from the link below. DIPPlus can only be installed by someone who as already been authorised to do so. This requirement follows from DIPPlus's licencing system, which is explained in more detail here. There may already be someone at your site who has been granted approval to install DIPPlus. If this is the case, and you do not have approval, they will need to perform the installation for you by running the DIPPlus Installer on their computer. Alternatively, you can request approval to install DIPPlus from your regional BBS marketing manager. Information on this can be found under the licencing system article.


Things to note:

  • The DIPPlus Installer will run under Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows XP.
  • DIPPlus is designed to work with SHOTPlus. For this reason, SHOTPlus Professional or Premier (with the DIPPlus extension) or their beta versions, must be installed on the same PC in order for the DIPPlus installer to run. You will be prompted to start SHOTPlus as part of the DIPPlus installation procedure.
  • Under Windows XP, you must have administrator rights on your PC to install (but not to run) the DIPPlus Installer.
  • A shortcut to the Installer will be created on your PC under Start / Programs / Orica Software / DIPPlus Installer.
  • When a new version of DIPPlus is released, the Installer will update itself automatically the next time it is run. To update the version of DIPPlus that is installed on your device, you will need to reconnect the device to your PC and re-run the Installer. The settings, last files and license key stored on the device will not be affected.
Download and Installation:
1. Save the setup.exe file to any folder on your computer. 
  • Firefox/Chrome users: Choose 'Save link as...' and then double-click the setup.exe file.
  • Internet Explorer users: After the file has been saved, click on 'Open Folder' and double-click the setup.exe file.


2. If this Program Compatibility warning is displayed, click Cancel.


3. In the Security Warning window, click Install.


4. After installation, the DIPPlus Installer program will start automatically. A shortcut to it is created under Start / Programs / Orica Software. The DIPPlus Installer will check that Windows Mobile Device Centre is Installed on you computer. If it is not, you will be prompted to install it. The DIPPlus installer will quit while this installation takes place. 

5. The installation of WMDC consists of three phases. First, the following window will be displayed:


Windows will display a notification bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click this notification to see the installation progress.


After the device drivers are installed, the first phase of the WMDC installation is complete. If you clicked teh notification bubble then you will see the following message, which you can now close.


6. Now you must connect a DIPPlus unit to your computer to begin the second phase of the WMDC installation. When you do this, you will see another notification bubble like the previous one. Click it to see the installation progress. If you do this then you will see the following window when the installation is complete. Close this window.


7. Finally, click on Start / All Programs / Windows Mobile Device Center. This will begin the third and final phase of installation. When this is complete, the WMDC application itself will start. You can close this.

8. Now you can re-run the DIPPlus Installer and proceed with the installation of DIPPlus on your device.



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