Site Map Troubleshooting/Tips

There is no satellite image background on the map

  • Confirm that your blasts are in the correct location either by checking the blast details or zooming out on the map.

My blasts appear to be in Antarctica!


  • Confirm that your blast has been set up in your local coordinate system and is not centered near 0,0 in SHOTPlus.



My blasts do not appear in the right place but are not in Antarctica.

  • Confirm your three known coordinates (both the local coordinates and latitude/longitude) in the Admin Portal

Common issues:

  • Easting and Northing are reversed for three known coordinates
  • Easting and Northing are entered in Imperial Units (Admin portal is metric only, even for imperial sites)
  • Latitude and Longitude are reversed
  • Latitude or Longitude are missing a negative sign
  • Latitude or Longitude are entered incorrectly
    • Entries that are more than a degree apart should be scrutinized heavily
  • You must have three distinct points

General advice:

  • We strongly recommend getting your local coordinates and latitude & longitude from your mine survey team with the greatest decimal precision possible
  • Use full stops [.] rather than commas [,] as decimal separators
  • Once you have updated your three known coordinates in the admin portal, re-entering the site map will update all of the blast locations
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